Ways to Support Center for Champions

Support CFC by giving of your finances.

Support CFC by participating in our fundraising events.

Support CFC by telling others; businesses, friends, church, and family.

Join the CFC team.

Give today!

Your Finances

Consider giving of your own finances to help support Center for Champions.  A monthly gift of any amount is a tremendous help.

Come to Events

At present, Center for Champions holds three fundraising events each year. Our Annual Dinner and Silent Auction – this is our annual event to update you on what has been happening at Center for Champions and where we believe the Lord is leading us.  It’s also a night of excellent food, great company and a growing number of incredible silent auction items. Kan Jam Tournament – if you like to be outside and have a good time, Kan Jam is for you.  Kan Jam started as a backyard game but we’ve made it a fun and competitive event for all ages. Tournament of Champions Golf Outing – the Tournament of Champions started 12 years ago.  Each year it gets bigger and better.  Enjoy swinging those clubs?  Join us at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn for a spectacular day of golf.

Tell Others

Networking is incredibly valuable to a small ministry like Center for Champions.  Can you help us make a connection?  Would you host a donor interest party at your home?  Are you aware of foundations or grants which CFC would qualify for?  Help CFC by spreading the word. You can even help us by liking and sharing our posts on Facebook and Instagram!