Mentors Needed

Mentors or Coaches, as we call them, are the foundation of Center for Champions.  Mentors give their time to befriend a fatherless and/or at-risk youth through life on life mentoring.  Our Coaches meet with their mentee once per week at a Rooted site where CFC staff prepare an action-packed time for you and your match.  Coaches then meet with their match at least three more times throughout the month for LIFE on LIFE time.  LIFE on LIFE is just anytime spent outside of Rooted.

We need coaches.  We need you!  Apply today.

Rooted/LIFE on LIFE Enrollment

Rooted is Center for Champions site mentoring program.  Coaches and mentees meet together at a CFC site for an action-packed time together each week.  If your child would like to meet LIFE on LIFE as well (outside the walls of Rooted) they can do that too.  They will then meet with their same coach up to 3 more times each month.

Rooted JV – 5th grade – 8th grade

Rooted Varsity – 9th grade – 12th grade

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