Nearly half the youth in the US are growing up fatherless.

CFC’s Life on Life mentoring project helps these youth, and any youth, by providing a caring, Christian friend that shows up for them.

Center for Champions helps to meet the needs of at-risk youth, fatherless youth and any youth that can benefit from a mentoring relationship.  We do this through 4 program components: Life on Life Mentoring, Rooted Site Mentoring, Rooted Teens and Parent Outreach.

80% of youth at CFC are growing up fatherless.

70% do not see their father on a regular basis.

The need for mentors is great.

Help CFC share the love of Jesus through life on life mentoring relationships.

Our Mission

The mission of Center for Champions is to share the love of Jesus through life on life mentoring relationships where youth and families find hope, values and skills in order to discover God’s plan for their lives and be a positive influence in their communities.

Support Center for Champions

Nearly 25 million children in the U.S. are growing up fatherless. They are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, drop out of school and be incarcerated. You can make a life long difference. Join the life on life mentoring movement today!

Summer Volunteers

Help us help kids have an awesome summer break!

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Are you an EITC approved business or do you know someone who is?  Center for Champions Rooted Site Mentoring program is on the Innovative Educational Program list through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit.  Your business can receive up to a 90% tax credit on...
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Life on Life Mentor Training – April 29th

Our next Life on Life mentor training will be held on Saturday, April 29th from 9:00am until 1:00pm.  This training is for mentors who would like to invest life on life with students in community-based mentoring.  Once matched, mentors make arrangements directly with...
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What is Rooted?

Have you heard of CFC's Rooted Site Mentoring program?  Rooted is our version of after school program.  Youth come and are matched, on-site, one on one with a mentor.  They hang out together, play games together, talk about God together, read together and work on math...
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Rooted Mentoring: Mentors Needed

Rooted Mentoring is Center for Champions' site based mentoring program.  Students come for games, a discussion based on the Bible and one on one math and reading enrichment.  What makes Rooted unique is each student is matched one on one with a mentor while they are...
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Rooted Site Mentoring Program

Rooted is Center for Champions after school program.  At Rooted, site based mentors are matched with program participants for weekly games, snacks, youth ministry plus reading and math enrichment.  Students are matched one on one with a caring, adult mentor.  The...

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Overview of Center for Champions

Throughout the week, Center for Champions offers a site based mentoring program called Rooted at various sites during after-school hours. Our mentoring programs are for students in 2nd grade through 12th grade. Elementary and Middle Schools students are part of our...

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Parent/Teen Outreach

Parent/Teen Outreach   Center for Champions started in 1998 in the Allison Hill section of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  From it's start, Center for Champions has ministered to youth and their families.  In 2014, Center for Champions started to make a shift toward...

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Life on Life Mentoring

At the core of our ministry is life on life mentoring.  Research has shown that life on life mentoring has the potential to have a life long impact on a student in many ways.  Studies show that youth with mentors often have better grades, better behavior and are less likely to be faced with depression. Become a Life on Life mentor and change a life for life!

Rooted Mentoring Program

Center for Champions after school program is called Rooted Mentoring. At Rooted, students play games with their mentor, enjoy a healthy snack, participate in youth ministry, and have math and reading enrichment using the latest school based technology.

Volunteer Oppurtunities

Volunteers are needed for monthly family meals, assisting with trips and events, helping with Rooted Mentoring transportation, assisting with our annual dinner or golf tournament and help with our teen ministry.  Contact Center for Champions today to find out how you can get involved.
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