Summer Volunteers

Summer Volunteers

Summer is the best for kids!  I remember growing up how awesome it was to get up, watch cartoons, go to the beach, hang out with friends.  It was the best time of the year!  Here at CFC, we want to provide great times and memories for the youth we serve.  

This summer we are participating in Messiah College’s AROMA all sports camp, Mount Lou San Bible Camp, we are hosting Champ Camp with students from LCBC church, we are going on field trips to the pool, to a farm and maybe even a museum or two.  The downside for us is there is always a volunteer shortage due to the daytime hours.  This is where you come in.  We are looking for a few volunteers that have some daytime availability.  You can see our calendar here.  Even if it’s just volunteering for 1 or 2 days, we can always use the help.  If you are interested and want to take the next step, fill out a volunteer application here.  If you don’t have the availability but know someone who does, pass the word.  Help us help kids have an awesome summer break!

Overview of Center for Champions

Overview of Center for Champions

Throughout the week, Center for Champions offers a site based mentoring program called Rooted at various sites during after-school hours. Our mentoring programs are for students in 2nd grade through 12th grade.

Elementary and Middle Schools students are part of our Rooted Mentoring program where they are matched one on one with a site based mentor for games, teaching and academic enrichment.

Out teen ministry participates in career exploration, service projects, goal setting skills, bible study and recreational activities.  One on one mentors are needed for each of these programs.

It’s our hope that all students enrolled at CFC (and even those not part of CFC) can be match with a Life on Life mentor where they meet with a caring, Christian adult 2-3 hours on a weekly basis for a 1-year commitment.



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