Rooted Site Mentoring

Rooted Site Mentoring is Center for Champions site-based mentoring program.  In 1998, Center for Champions started as an after school program in Harrisburg, PA.  Center for Champions after school program provided recreation, homework help, Bible lessons, meals and later added dance, arts, and sports to the programs.  As time went on, CFC staff realized that many students needed additional academic help.  Staff began to pull students out of the program for short periods to work on specific school work.  Community volunteers were recruited so a few students could receive help at the same time.  CFC soon realized that this was very productive time that students were very receptive towards.  In 2014, CFC started the Achievers program.  At Achievers students still had recreation, games and Bible lessons but the last hour was spent one on one with a volunteer working on homework.  CFC found that this time was so effective that they needed to find a way to do one on one mentoring all the time.  In 2014, Center for Champions started to transition to being more mentor relationship focused with the introduction of the Rooted Site Mentoring program.  The goal at Rooted is for each 2nd through 7th-grade student to be matched with a mentor at their site.  At Rooted, students play games, learn about God from the Bible, and have one on one math and reading enrichment.  In the fall of 2018, Center for Champions expects Rooted to be a multi-site program.  CFC is committed to having every student matched. CFC enrolls only the same number of students as mentors for each site.  This means at some sites, a waiting list may be formed.  Help CFC reach the most possible students.  Sign up to be a Rooted Mentor today.  Are you a parent or a student and want to enroll in Rooted.  Sign up below.

Rooted Varsity

Rooted Varsity is for students in 8th grade through 12th grade.  At Rooted Varsity, students do career exploration, service projects, Bible studies, missions trips and lots of fun activities together.  Just like the other components of CFC, Rooted Varsity is about relationship building.  CFC is always looking for more mentors for Rooted Varsity.  If you want to make a difference in an high schooler’s life, volunteer today!

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