Jeff Bruce, Executive Director

Jeff Bruce is the Executive Director of Center for Champions Youth and Family Mentoring located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He received his B.S. from The King’s College in New York and his M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Florida.

Jeff has over 20 years of experience working with youth.  He has worked in a variety of settings as a teacher, counselor, youth pastor, camp director, mentor and youth programs administrator.  Nine of Jeff’s years of experience have been with ‘at-risk’ youth. Jeff came to the realization that programs were a short-term fix for at-risk youth.  His experience led him to the conclusion that trusting relationships were what most students longed for and were significantly more effective than programs alone.  While in the process of considering a new non-profit ministry, he was approached by the founder and director of Center for Champions.  Center for Champions was looking for a new vision and direction.  They were receptive to the vision of becoming a small group and one to one mentoring program.

Jeff is married to Tricia Bruce and has three children. He can be reached at this link.

Shannon Shelly, Parent/Teen Coordinator

Shannon Shelly is the Parent/Teen Coordinator at Center for Champions Youth and Family Mentoring located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  She received her B.S. from Shippensburg University.

Throughout her college years, Shannon has had a variety of experiences working with at-risk youth through summer camp programs and internships at urban ministries.  After spending nine months in the heart of Camden, New Jersey as an intern with UrbanPromise, Shannon’s ignited passion for ministering to inner city youth and families led her to begin her work at Center for Champions in 2011.  Shannon has built strong mentoring relationships with many of the middle school girls, teens, and mothers in the program.  She started a Teen Program in 2012 and is working to develop that further with every year.  Shannon has seen the biggest value in the development of Christ-centered relationships and is excited about the new focus and mission of Center for Champions.

Shannon is married to Anthony Shelly.  She can be reached here..

Alison Maurer, Program Manager

Alison Maurer joined the Center for Champions team in June 2017.  Alison started as a volunteer at our Rooted Site Mentoring program.  When the Program Manager position became available, Alison felt strongly that Center for Champions was the place for her.

Alison has her Bachelors Degree from Penn State University in Criminal Justice and has a Masters Degree from George Mason University in Public Policy. 

Alison has spent the last 10 years investigating union and public corruption, as well as other labor violations, in the city of Philadelphia. Her experience has taught her a lot about the human condition and has developed a desire to help children rewrite their narratives. 

Alison oversees Center for Champions Rooted Site Mentoring Programs as well as all Life on Life matches. She can be reached here.




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