The Problem: Fatherlessness

Over 17,500,000 youth are growing up fatherless in our country.

72% of African Americans are born out of wedlock.

53% of all Latinos are born out of wedlock.

The number of Caucasian children born out of wedlock has increased by 300% since 1975.

100% of mass school shootings have been committed by boys and 75% grew up fatherless.

The eruption of violence in our country is directly related to the breakdown of the family structure.

The Solution: LIFE on LIFE

Youth with mentors:

Are more likely to hold leadership positions.

Are less likely to skip school or class.

Have a better attitude toward school.

The love of God the Father can fill the void. 

LIFE on LIFE is modeling what it means to be a man or woman of God.

The Champions Method

Rooted//LIFE on LIFE//Family Outreach


Rooted Site Mentoring is divided into Rooted JV (5th through 8th grade) and Rooted Varsity (9th through 12th grade).  Coaches (Mentors) and their mentees meet at a Rooted site for team competition, a discussion using the Bible, one on one discussion with coaches, and academic enrichment (JV) or life skills challenges (Varsity).


LIFE on LIFE is time spent outside the walls of Rooted.  This is where coaches and mentees hang out together playing sports, cooking, making crafts, doing homework, talking together, getting food, whatever they are interested in.  As relationships grow and trust is built, coaches will have opportunities to talk about their faith in God.  Students will get more comfortable talking about their struggles and successes with their coach which can lead to great conversations.  It’s our hope that these relationships will last a lifetime!

Family Outreach

Families have always been a part of our mission.  We reach out to our families with monthly family gatherings, visiting with single moms for encouragement, prayer, and support, and bi-monthly mom’s brunches.

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